Monday, April 6, 2020

FTC reviewing the Funeral Practices rule

The Federal Trade Commission issued a request for comments on its Trade Regulation Rule governing funeral directors and funeral homes in mid-February 2020. The Part 453 regulations were first adopted in 1982 and were amended a couple of times since then. No amendment is proposed. The request for comments is part of an ongoing review process. The rule was reviewed in 2008 and a determination was made then that it should be retained.

The request includes this comment:
The Commission reviews its rules and guides periodically to seek information about their costs and benefits, regulatory and economic impact, and general effectiveness in protecting consumers and helping industry to avoid deceptive or unfair practices. These reviews assist the Commission in identifying rules and guides that warrant modification or rescission. 
With this document, the Commission initiates a new review. The Commission solicits comments on, among other things: (1) The economic impact of, and the continuing need for, the Funeral Rule; (2) the Rule's benefits to consumers; (3) and the burden it places on industry members subject to the requirements, including small businesses.
The FTC is accepting written comments until April 14, 2020.

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