Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Medicare and ACA scams

It was inevitable. The Wall Street Journal has posted: 

Fraudsters Are Exploiting New Health Law
One Con: Telling Medicare Beneficiaries They Must Choose New Plans

A selection:
According to a recent survey. . . a significant portion of Medicare recipients has misconceptions about the ACA. While there have been no changes to Medicare's annual open-enrollment procedures, 20% of Americans age 65 and over incorrectly believe they can enroll in Medicare through one of the new state-based health-insurance exchanges, which actually cater to individuals under 65. Seventeen percent believe exchange-based policies are replacing Medicare, according to the survey.
David Lipschutz, a policy attorney at the nonprofit Center for Medicare Advocacy, says Medicare employees "as a rule" don't contact beneficiaries. He says Medicare rules prohibit most insurers, brokers and agents from initiating contact with Medicare beneficiaries.

Over the line

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